After building Decks for 25 years and discussing deck projects with thousands of homeowners, we can tell you from experience that materials, layout, building practices, and the contractor you choose are all going to have a huge impact on the ease, function and comfort of using your outside space. If you find the right partner who can help you make the best choices for your deck, it can feel like a seamless extension of your indoor home to your outdoor space. If you try to cut corners you could be regretting it for the whole lifespan of your deck. Use this guide and linked resources as a home base to plan your deck and consider your options for materials, layout and contractor.

What Kind of Deck Do I Need?

At Loudoun Deck and Fence we start with the question, “How are you planning to use your deck?” and work from there. The answer to that question will help inform what size, shape and options your deck should be included to accomplish your goals.

Read Our Homeowners Guide to Designing A Deck

Materials and Options

Over the last 10 years the materials option for decks, railing and trim has exploded with new choices being added each year. Read about the common tiers and options and the benefits and drawbacks to some of the more common options.

Ensuring A Solid Foundation: Building to Feel Not Just Code

While flooring and railing materials will dictate how your Deck looks, the deck’s substructure of footers, posts, beams and joists will determine how solid, stable and safe it feels. Local codes help ensure you have a minimally safe deck, but in many cases you will need to build above code to have a deck that feels as solid and stable as your indoor spaces. Learn what we do to build decks that feel rock solid.

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When Should Start Planning to Build My Deck:

When planning to build a deck in Loudoun County start reaching out to companies 2-3 months before you want to build. If you want a deck when it starts to get warm, start your planning while it’s still cold.

Learn When You Should Start Planning Your Deck Project

Steps in Our Deck Building Process

Selecting the Right Contractor to Execute my Deck Plan

There are all kinds of people who build decks, from industrious DIYers, homebuilders, Jack-of-all trades handymen, and Deck building specialists. Learn how to choose the right contractor for your needs and protect against bad outcomes for you and your deck.

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Budgeting for Your Deck

The best way to get an accurate estimate for your deck is doing a design consultation and getting a true estimate, but here are some helpful tips to help you determine a ballpark cost in the meantime.

Budgeting for a Deck in Loudoun County, VA

Schedule an Onsite Estimate with a Professional

Whether your ready to get going or need a more specific answer to your specific question. The next step is to schedule an onsite estimate with a professional. If you live in Loudoun County, Virginia, click here to request an estimate and we’d be happy to help you with the next steps.