Custom Deck Designs

Custom Deck Design in Loudoun County

During the custom design consultation step, you pick up where the initial estimate leaves off. The goal of the Custom Deck Design appointment is to give you confidence you are making the right decision with their deck project. Our company’s owner/general contractor meets you at your property and together we find solutions to any unique challenges your project has and deliver a custom design tailored to your specific needs. During this stage, you benefit from our 25 years of experience designing and building decks in Loudoun County as we assist you in selecting a final layout, materials, and options on the deck. When we’re done we render the plans in 3D so you can visualize the project before we build and you have everything you need to submit to your HOA for approval.

Who would benefit from a custom design consultation?

A custom design consultation is beneficial for anyone, but especially when your deck is going to be more than a typical rectangle. Similar to meeting with an architect before you build a home, meeting with a deck designer is an important step to make sure you’re getting the right deck for you and your unique situation. If there is something complicated about your property, the plans, or if you just have a lot of questions that you feel like you can’t get answered elsewhere, the custom deck design meeting will help you get those answers.

Where Does the Custom Deck Design Fit Into The Project Timeline?

The Custom Deck Design is either the second step in the process after a free initial consultation to inspect an existing deck, or can also be scheduled as a stand alone appointment for a new deck or porch project. Previously we have required a $500 refundable design deposit for some more complicated projects to protect the time and schedules of our deck designers. We are not currently collecting a design deposit on the vast majority of standard deck appointments. If you have questions about your project, our office can clarify if you project requires a design deposit. This deposit covers the time needed to fully develop the custom deck design and plans you will receive, and those used for permits and to help you obtain HOA approvals. While we 

Sometimes, more complicated projects require a custom design to give an accurate estimate. In these cases it’s beneficial to skip the initial consultation and start with a custom deck design appointment. Doing so allows time to look at multiple options, select final details and in some particularly tricky cases, talk to the structural engineers we work with, to give an accurate price.

Pro Tip: Every year in Spring and Summer deck builder schedules stack up. During these busier months, to speed up the process, many homeowners choose to skip the initial consult and estimate and start with the Custom Deck Design. Doing so can save you up to 4 weeks on your timeline.

What are some common situations that benefit from a custom design consultation?

  • Screened porches
  • Large custom decks
  • Multi-tiered or multi-leveled decks
  • Adding an addition to a current deck
  • Coordinating your deck design with a landscaping or patio project
  • Decks under or around hot tubs and pools
  • Building on properties with a steep slope, propane tanks, septic fields, or other obstructions
  • Using a rain catch or underdeck system to make the space under the deck more usable
  • Planning to add future additions to the deck you’re building now
  • Inspecting for rot or insect damage in your existing deck
  • Designing with specific furniture or accessories in mind
  • Your current deck is hard to use, but you don’t know why

What is included in the custom design consultation?

During your appointment, the lead designer takes the time to go review:
  • How you plan to use the deck The size and shape of the deck you are planning to build.
  • The furniture and finishes you plan to use after the deck is built
  • Which materials and options are best for your situation and preferences
  • How to get the most out of your budget
  • The answers to any outstanding questions you may have

Once we fully understand what you are looking for, we custom design a deck together to accomplish your goals. You get:

  • Suggestions based on our experience
  • Building plans including Top and Front view with dimensions
  • A final 3D rendering of your project, useful for HOA approvals
  • Recommended brands of materials.
  • Final, all-In contract price for the project

How does it differ from a free estimate I can get from other companies?

While we also provide free standard estimates that are comparable with the free estimates you find elsewhere.  After we ensure the project is within your budget, we continue with a custom design consultation. During this second meeting we take the time to to take you step-by-step through all of your possible design options and to weigh the pros and cons of each one without any pressure.

During this appointment our full focus is on designing the best possible deck or porch that balances 1) how you plan to use your deck or porch, 2) your budget, and 3) the constraints of your property.

As a result, you get a clear, in-depth assessment and fully developed deck plans. For most people, the conversation alone is worth the deposit, because they get an honest opinion from someone who has the experience of doing this for 20 years.

Still have questions?

Every deck project could benefit from a custom design consultation. If you have any questions about our standard estimate or our custom design consultation, please contact us at or call our office at 703-737-0710.