What to Expect For Your New Deck Project

At Loudoun Deck and Fence our goal is to build you a deck that fits your needs and lasts for years to come. In the past 25 years we have built thousands of decks here in Loudoun County. We’ve refined our process down a few steps that ensure our customers get the best deck for their needs. Here’s what you can expect when working with Loudoun Deck and Fence.

Project Timelines

While individual timelines can vary by time of year or your specific permit and HOA requirements, the process to build a new deck usually takes about 8-12 weeks from Initial Consult to Final Inspection. If you’re in a hurry to get building, you should consider skipping the Free Initial Consultation and start with the Custom Deck Design. Starting with the design consult can cut up to 4 weeks off your overall timeline. Read more here about starting with Custom Design.

Step 1: Free Initial Price Estimate 

We meet you at your home to learn about your situation, discuss your goals for your project, and give a free estimate for the deck.

  • Visit the property, measure, photograph
  • Discuss basic dimensions, materials and features
  • Give an initial ballpark estimate for project
    you’re planning to build.

Step 2: Custom Deck Design Consultation*

Once we know the initial estimate is within your budget, we schedule a time to nail down all the details. We use our 25 years of experience to help guide you through selecting the right size, shape, options and materials for your situation. Using computer renderings, our Custom Deck Designs help you envision your new space before you build, and give you everything you need to navigate HOA approvals.

  • Consult with an experienced deck designer
  • Develop structural plans and 3D model of the deck
  • Review multiple possible options and layouts
  • Select final options, materials, and agree and prepare a final contract price

Step 3: Contract, Permits, and HOAs

Once we receive a signed contract, our experienced office staff helps you gather paperwork, coordinate payments and clear the red tape by taking care of the frustrating work of calling to mark utility lines, pulling needed permits and scheduling inspections with the county.

  • Return signed contract
  • Collect initial Payment
  • Send Samples of Materials (if necessary)
  • Support you while you file your HOA application
  • Gather supporting documents for needed permits.

Step 4: Schedule and Build

After permits and HOA approvals are in hand, we coordinate schedules and one of our experienced master deck builders crews makes your project a reality.
  • Schedule a start date for your project
  • Order and and coordinate delivery of materials
  • Start and Finish building your deck project

Step 5: Final inspections and Payments

After your deck is built, we clean up our mess, haul away all the garbage and call for final inspection with the county.
  • Cleanup jobsite
  • Schedule County final inspection
  • Final payment due
  • Enjoy your Transformed Space

*Notes on Initial Consultations and Custom Deck Designs:

Some projects require a design consultation prior to delivering an accurate estimate. In these cases, we strongly recommend that you complete the Initial Price Estimate and Custom Deck Design meeting simultaneously. While we don’t currently require a design deposit on the vast majority of our Custom Deck Design Consultations, for some complex designs are complicated problems, we may requires a design deposit for this step to protect the time of our experienced deck designers. The money paid in the deposit would be applied toward the contract if you choose to proceed with the proposed solutions with our company.