How much does a Typical Deck Cost in Loudoun County In 2024?

One of the hardest things to figure out in the planning process of building a deck is how much money to set aside for a budget. Online tools can vary widely and are regularly not accounting for the high cost of living in Loudoun County. On top of these seemingly endless potential options it can be really challenging to nail down a true estimate while planning a deck. Guide will help you give some basic direction for budgeting your new deck in Loudoun County.


2023 Typical Deck Price Ranges

While factors like material and labor costs can change quickly, to give you an idea of actual costs, here are some basic estimates for the costs for building a deck in 2023 in Loudoun County. An average price for a standard 300 Square foot 2nd story deck with a set of stairs to the ground would be in these ranges. You may have been able to find some estimates that are lower, and some companies charged much more, but a typical reputable company would have charged you somewhere in the range listed below in 2023.

  • All Pressure Treated Wood Deck: $16,000 – $17,500
  • Wood Deck with Composite Floor: (Trex): $19,000 – $21,000
  • Full Composite Deck (Trex Transcends Floor and Railing, PVC Trim): $27,000 – $29,000

What is Included

  • Permits and Inspections
  • Top Quality Materials
  • Warranties

Importance of an Onsite Estimate

The only way to know for sure how much a deck project will cost is through an onsite estimate. In these estimates we are able to talk through your goals and plan around your unique property and circumstances to give you a much more accurate estimate of your project costs. Click the link below to read more about our estimate process or get on the schedule

Planning Financing Options

Decks can be a sizable investment, not many homeowners can easily afford a new deck without some planning. Unfortunately, circumstances don’t always allow time for traditional budgeting and saving. Financing can be a great option to help cover the near term costs of a deck. Here are a few options to consider.

Personal Loan from your bank

In most cases the best way to finance your deck is to get a loan from an institution you already have a relationship with. For most homeowners a home equity loan, or home equity line of credit is a great option to gain access to the equity you have built up to repair or upgrade the home. Using the home’s value as collateral allows you to get the most competitive rates for your project. You may also want to check with your bank to see what kind of home improvement loan options are available to you as personal loans. 

Pro Tip: While the internet is full of places to apply for home improvement loans, typically, the best and easiest loans to get are from banks you already have a relationship with. 

Credit Cards

A simple way to finance your deck is through credit cards. Many customers prefer to use this option to pay for part of their deck to take advantage of points and rewards of a large purchase. Just keep in mind this costs the business a small percentage to charge the purchase on a credit card, so you may be able to get a cash discount.

Financing Through your Builder

Most deck companies offer some sort of financing to their customers, however be careful to review the terms. Loans that seem to be to be true usually are with companies inflating the price to cover the costs they pay to the financial institution for your loan.

Pro Tip: Before signing on with the builder’s financing, be sure to ask the company if there is a cash discount if you can get by getting your loan elsewhere. Then check the terms of a loan with your bank to get a true comparison of costs.

Our Financing Options

At Loudoun Deck and Fence, we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover, and also offer a 12 month 0% interest financing for those who qualify through Wells Fargo. We only recommend the zero percent financing option if you are sure you can pay off the balance within that year, otherwise you are typically better off finding financing your deck project elsewhere. We are happy to talk your though all your options and help you find the right one for your situation.