In these unprecedented times, we are grateful to able to continue to accept new work. This is because our processes of building, permitting, deliveries, inspections, and approvals largely avoid any person-to-person interactions. With that said, we have made some adjustments to our estimate process to maintain social distance for our at-risk clients and to adhere to the guidelines of national and local governments.

Tell Us What Works Best for You!

Because everyone’s situation is different, we are happy to make adjustments as needed. We are relying on you, the customer, to let us know what you are comfortable with during visits to your home. Please let our Loudoun Deck and Fence representatives know as soon as possible if there is any part of the process that makes you uncomfortable so we can adjust to your needs and situation. 

Here’s What You Can Expect 

Fencing Estimates:

If you have requested a fencing estimate, you will receive either a call or email from our fence estimator (or a representative) to discuss your fence project. 

All steps of the fencing process from initial measurement to building completion can be done while maintaining effective social distance. Please communicate any concerns you may have to the fencing rep before the meeting at your property or, if necessary, during the appointment so they can make adjustments to keep you safe and comfortable during our visit. 

Deck Estimates:

After receiving a request for a free estimate, every deck estimate requires at least 3 steps: 

  1. A quick initial measurement and property survey
  2. An in-depth design consultation 
  3. A formal estimate. 

In some instances, these steps can all be done in the same visit, however, in most cases it is more efficient and faster for us and the customer if we break these into 3 steps. By breaking the process into 3 steps, we’ve also found we can provide more flexibility and safety for our at-risk clients by doing parts of this process over the phone, or on a video chat.   

Step One: Initial Measurements and Property Survey

Whether we plan to meet in person or via video, before we can provide an estimate, we need to take measurements, survey the property, and take some photos. This will give us the information we need to design your deck virtually and have it ready for either your video design consultation or in-person meetings. 

Expect a call, email or text from us to arrange a time to complete this initial property survey. Keep in mind, this step does not require any physical contact with the homeowner, nor does it require that you are there in person. All we ask is that you grant permission to visit your property and communicate any instructions for accessing the property where the work will take place. 

Step Two: Schedule a Virtual or In-Person Design Consultation

After the initial survey is completed, we will reach out to coordinate a design consultation and estimate. This can take place either in person (while maintaining safe social distance) or virtually using Zoom. Whether in person or virtually, this is the time to draw on our 20 years of experience to help you make decisions about your deck, like dimensions, shape, materials, and features.

***Keep in mind, even during the COVID19 crisis, this is still a busy time of year for estimate requests, so please be patient with us. If you are in a hurry, virtual design consultations are your best bet, because there are fewer traveling logistics to coordinate. If needed, we can always schedule a time to come out in person after the video or phone consultation.***

Step 3: Official Estimate and Design Rendering

After your design consultation, our team of experienced estimators prepares and sends an estimate via email for you to consider. This estimate will include a digital rendering of the proposed deck, the details of the project, and a clear layout of the costs of all the options we discussed.

Contact Us With Any Questions

While we will miss meeting with some of you face to face, we are looking forward to meeting with you about your project. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 703-737-0710 or email