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How much room will you need? Keeping in mind that the average outdoor area is about 12%–18% of the square footage of your home, we’ll plan a deck that fits your needs and budget. Most people use their deck for dining or entertaining outside, but built-in hot tubs or spas, screen rooms, gazebos and outdoor kitchen areas are becoming more popular in today’s designs.

Where will you be dining? As an entertainment space, locating your dining area is a key consideration. One trend to consider is building an octagon or "bump-out" to push the table and chairs off the main deck floor and give the dining area a designated space. We’ll also help you plan the location of your grill, and food preparation areas, including special features like a permanent gas hook-up.

Will you need privacy from your neighbors? To offer seclusion on your deck, consider a privacy wall that doesn't feel like a fence. We can design a solution that offers protection without feeling claustrophobic.

How will you get off and on the deck? From the ground, the side of the house you walk around to get to the back yard is probably the best spot to enter the deck. We’ll help you plan to maximize traffic flow on the main deck area, as well as the entrances from the house and ground. Whether you choose simple staircases, spiral staircases, or complex landings on second story decks, we’ll make sure you and your guests have easy access that’s great looking and functional.

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