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How much room will you need? Are you looking for a swimming pool enclosure, privacy fence, play area for kids, place for the pets, or other needs? Once we’ve determined the purpose of the fence we’ll help you access how large your fence needs to be in terms of height, size and privacy from neighbors while maintaining governmental and HOA restrictions.

How will you get into and out of your fence? We will walk through entrance and exit strategies for your new fenced-in area, listening to all your potential uses, and offering options on gates sizes and lift-out, removable sections.

Do you have a deck we need to coordinate with?
If you already have a deck in place we will work with you to coordinate styles and materials to give you the most cohesive looking backyard.

Design and Layout

Project Drawing: We will provide a rough sketch of your fence, based on your plat, restrictions and easements to show you where your fence will be located on your lot.

Comprehensive Estimate: Along with a project drawing, we’ll prepare an estimate based on your requirements and budget. This estimate includes the time and materials needed to complete your project. We’ll review this estimate along with a time schedule so you are prepared for every phase of this project.

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